Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to legally listen to full cds online

How To Legally Listen To Full CDs Online

If you don't want to use filesharing, how can you listen to full CDs online for cheap?

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Since roughly 2000, filesharing software has been popping up on the internet. Take Napster for example, which was shut down in July 2001. Napster let you download full MP3 songs from other people that were sharing their music around the world for free. After Napster was shut down by the legal authorities, it was bought out by Roxio who turned it into a legal music store like iTunes.

Kazaa was also an extremely popular filesharing program which is actually still being used today by some people. After a few years, however, it was shut down. A scare began when some people who had shared music with other people on Kazaa were sued by the RIAA for millions of dollars.

As you can see, it's obviously not smart to use a filesharing service! First of all, it's illegal. You can potentially get sued for millions of dollars. Second, it costs money to produce a CD and if you steal it, you are only hurting the band or artist you like. Anyway, you wouldn't steal a CD from Best Buy, would you? Why would you steal one on


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